Launch your career or start a new one! UNH Professional Development & Training is your home for noncredit professional development and training programs designed to address the needs of New Hampshire’s businesses and workforce. With thousands of programs and topic areas offered in short-term open-enrollment formats, both online and in-person, make your professional development a priority with UNH Professional Development & Training.









Why Get Skills-Based Training at UNH Professional Development & Training?

UNH Professional Development & Training delivers a unique skills-based training that can provide the following benefits to the students:

  • Outcome Driven  Build role specific competencies and self-confidence
  • Practitioner Designed Focus on knowledge and skills that really matter on the job
  • Mentor Led Learn in an apprenticeship like environment with personalized coaching
  • Sprint Based Methodology Each program is composed of multiple learning sprints. Each sprint consists of context-setting and concept-building, practice challenges, mastery challenges and refactoring
  • Professional Portfolio Assignments and project work will help create a portfolio to showcase
  • Accelerate Experience Learn in a setup that mirrors a real work environment
  • Job-Readiness Develop technical skills along with critical engineering and professional skills
  • Career Services Dive into learning new skills as well as preparing for the job search after the program, and we are here every step of the way

Bootcamp Highlights

Integrated Problem Solving

Challenge yourself in problem-solving exercises based on real-world situations.

Mastery Learning

Build advanced skills with our group-based learning methods.

Outcome Oriented

Focus on real-world challenges to become project ready on Day One.

Why UNH Professional Development & Training?

We are one of the top performing institutions in the nation. We believe these metrics are some of the most important indicators of academic performance. We are already top 25 in some, close on others, and have some ways to go on a few. If you want to explore these metrics further, view the list of the top 50 public universities for each metric. These metrics had to meet two criteria: they need to be a meaningful indicator of academic performance and there needs to be a national database available to compare ourselves.

Home to more than 15,000 students, our main campus is located in one of the top 10 safest college towns in the U.S. We are just an hour’s drive from the White Mountains, Atlantic Ocean and Boston.